The People

The company was founded by Preben Johan  Høyrup in the late 1940’s. In 1968 the company became a limited company P.J.Høyrup A/S with Preben Johan Høyrup as the majority shareholder and with Lars Eiler Schiøler as the minority shareholder. In 1978 the company was split into two and the lamps business was sold off to Uffe Gustav Schiøler, who established this company as HoyrupLight

The Story

The company started producing a modern version of Heiberg table lamp and Chr. the 8th century from the 19th century, which proved very successful. They are currently considered to be the standard models on the market and have been copied by many lamp manufacturers.

Through the 1950s, HoyrupLight developed a number of beautiful lamps, which – for the first time – were produced in plastic and vacuum-formed. The material gave a good durability and the production method made it possible to develop brand new models. 

The next step was the development of a cold-shaped round pleated lamps. These Pearl lamps were the result of a production process, for which HoyrupLight obtained a patent. The Pearl lamps were well received by the market and made it possible to expand seriously. This was the foundation for an export adventure.

In the 1960s and 1970s, HoyrupLight grew explosively. It began to produce lamps made of punched plastic pieces and molded plastic rings. These lamps were delivered to customers as ready-made lamps.

This was the start of producing d-i-y lamps, an experiment at the beginning was a bit uncertain, but customers like IKEA convinced us that this was the way forward.

Now the production was switched from finished lamps to assembly sets – d-i-y lamps in new designs and in many colors. They were based on simple systems, and the customers assembled the lamps according to user-friendly instructions. This meant low costs for production, storage, packaging and transportation – and ultimately affordable lamps on the market.

The butterfly lamp was the first lamp that was produced as a decisive d-i-y lamp. It became a huge success, which meant that the entire production was switched to d-i-y lamps. During this period, HoyrupLight was a significant lamp manufacturer in the Danish market and, thanks to the d-i-y lamps, became one of the largest exporting lamp manufacturers in Denmark with exports to more than 40 countries.

HoyrupLight delivered high quality lamps. They are designed in a clear Nordic tradition, where the beautiful and simple is the highest priority. This makes them fit into modern homes – at the time as well as now.

The production was closed in the mid-1980s, but the lamps are still in demand, and they have been copied by many manufacturers in recent years.